The New Bible - The Book of Love

The New Bible is not only the coronation
of the Old and New Testament.
It is a beacon of the Holy Spirit
and will surprise you if you reach for it.
Because it not only harbors the secret of all secrets,
the true way to ascend into His Heavens,
but also reveals the guiding principal
by which all mankind can attain perfection
and thereby restore true peace on this Earth.

For love is the greatest power
in Heaven and on Earth.

The first volume of the New Bible - The Book of Love - is simultaneously the Book of True Marriage, and clearly reveals what form of love both before and in marriage is proper before Godís Holy Face, how divorce can be avoided, and how one can find the right partner for life through Godís guidance. But it also unveils the real meaning of the Revelation of John, which to this day remains a puzzle for so many.

So open your heart for the Holy Truths from the Heavens. It is becoming increasingly urgent that all people, regardless of their race or religion, recognize these truths.

This book will stir you to the depths of your being.
– See for yourself –

If you want, you can take part in Eternal Loveís grand, inter-denominational work to establish peace on this our Earth. Because in every word of this Holy New Bible you can feel the power and might of the living God, Our Heavenly Father Jesus, Who wants to help you overcome all hurdles and guide you to a new life on this Earth if you are willing.

For it is the Lordís Holy Will that
light prevail again on Earth.

So allow yourself to be schooled at the Academy of Love, which is open to every soul regardless of race or religion, so as to become a pillar of light uniting Eternal Love, Wisdom and Perfection. Because the currents of the living water flow from every line of the Holy New Bible and will not just lead you to recognize your true being here on Earth but also lead you through the gates of the New Jerusalem into a New Era of Love and Light.

It does not matter how heavy your burden of guilt is, it can be dissolved and forgiven through the mercy of our Heavenly Father Jesus, if you humbly bow in the resolve to fulfill His Alone Holy Will and live according to His Holy Commandment

Love God above all and your neighbour as yourself.

As the Lord says in His foreword to the Holy New Bible (verse 38):

"I the Lord say: none can fall so deep
as not to remain savable to My light"

Come what may, the protective mantle of Eternal Love will be spread over every soul that begins in all earnestness to walk along Godís holy path only.

The pearls of love now lie openly before you in the first volume of His Holy New Bible, the Book of Love, which testifies to the New Era on Earth. You will be overpowered by the treasures it harbors. This gift of mercy from Our God and Lord and Heavenly Father Jesus now lies ready and waiting for all of His Children on this Earth.

So reach out for this Anchor of Salvation for the new era on Earth, so that you do not sink beneath the chaos of the impending judgment. Because the signs of the time point to a storm, as you yourself can recognize.

© Lichtkreis Christi e.V.

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