Direct Revelations by God in the Present Day


Many of the problems in our highly advanced civilizations stem from the fact that people do not know the goal of their lives. But they also don’t know what powers and laws direct our individual fates, so that many undertakings fail because the decision to carry them out are based on wrong notions and ignorance of these factors.


The catchwords science, technology, and also social structures are causing us increasing concern. Wealth, as well as social harmony and success, are increasingly disappearing - gambled away, so to speak, by the difficulties we create for one another through our selfish egoism, our unkindness displayed as much in society as at the workplace and in our own families.


Such ways of life and behavior rob every people of the divine blessing which, had this not been the case, would have benefited it. That is the true cause of many problems, which is hardly understood in our country as well as in other countries. To solve a problem, one normally begins - when taking a scientific approach - by gaining an understanding of the rudiments of the area concerned as well as the laws that govern it, and only then do we begin tackling the problem and looking for a solution. But what does a person do when it comes to his own life? How many people study the rudiments of their existence and concern themselves with their life’s goal? Unfortunately only very few.


That is the real reason why civilized life is becoming increasingly difficult, why conditions are growing more complicated and almost all our problems are virtually unsolvable. And unfortunately we can assume that this will continue to be the case. But we are not hopelessly at the mercy of these developments. It is precisely those people who address the questions of their existence and the goals and spiritual rudiments of life who will find answers and success - at least in their private lives, even if everything around them grows ever more difficult.


One can basically say that the western world has become almost atheistic -  the result of wealth, scientific and technological breakthroughs over the past decades, and through it all the temptation to lull oneself into a false sense of security. But the results of this error are becoming increasingly evident. Nothing is secure, not even our wealth or our technology. And thus one question is becoming increasingly pressing: how can things go on?


On the other hand our estrangement from God could be overcome if people realized that there are creative powers which lie at their disposal and can be tapped to solve all their problems and shape their lives.


But what are these divine powers?


They are inherent in every human being. But only very few make use of them because people generally do not believe they exist. There are even those who claim to have proven that they don’t exist. The proof that every human being harbors creative capabilities can only be given when a person addresses them and tries to grasp and understand them. This will lead to the progressive realization that a creative reality underlies everything and that one should use it in daily life. Ignoring such spiritual capabilities is not the way to prove they don’t exist.


Our Heavenly Father, as we Christians should call Him, is the Father of eternal love and it is by no means His nature to shroud Himself in silence and leave mankind to devise its own misfortunes and never raise His voice in warning. To believe this is a grave error.


Every person has it within him, if he really tries, to awaken inspired thoughts and ideas in his heart through which he can orient himself in life. If he then learns to let go of his own wishes and desires, he will be able to use these divine inspirations to make far more perfect decisions in life than a normal person who is submerged in materialism and, because of his spiritual disorientation, is dependent on the ignorance of others.


There are also - and it is this which is crucial to recognize - instruments of God the Lord through whom, according to the degree of the instrument’s maturity, He gives divine advice, directives and prophetic information. The degree to which the instrument is able to give a faithful rendering depends on how pure he or she has become. But each and every one of us has the ability, by praying and directing our questions to our Heavenly Father, to determine the truth of every word and whether or not it is relevant to our own lives. Because only our Heavenly Father can reveal to us whether what we read or hear really stems from Him or not. But one shouldn’t be tempted to give up when the first doubts arise. Because it is only natural that all of the negative aspects inherent in a person - we call them the “counterpole” aspects - will try to maintain the status quo and, so to speak, not let go of a person, suggesting a host of doubts in an effort to divert him or her from the words or the higher truth they have heard.


For there is a reason for the saying, “The Kingdom of Heaven must be seized with force”, just as most things in daily life often have to be fought for and require hard work to be achieved. How often does a person, for example, have to apply for a job and consider offers before he finds the position suited for him and can start work? No one gives up after the first rejection and dejectedly says they’ll never find a job and won’t ever send out another application. We all know we need patience and endurance to reach our goals. And a person with faith has the additional possibility of placing his trust in divine safety and guidance. Because for him, the LORD’s existence, in His Holy Spirit as the Creator and Almighty, is a certainty,

constantly imbuing our star Earth, with all His children and every form of life, with His blessings and creative powers.


Now you are bound to ask if this is the case, then why is there such chaos on Earth? The reason is that we as free creatures before God are not compelled to follow His divine order. If we were, then everything would be in perfect order! But man is not a creature bound by constraint who must follow the divine laws of creation. Man is meant to mature to the extent that he can and wants to follow them out of his own free will and his love, because God does not tamper with man’s free will unless His entire creation is under threat. And so it is left to a person’s free will whether he chooses to do the opposite of what he knows is true and right. “Love your neighbor” is a commandment, but no one is forced to follow it. One can hate one’s neighbor if one wants to. One can even persecute him or engage in other equally foolish behavior. But anyone who has recognized what is right and wise will not, because they know that every negative action carries a consequence and everything comes back according to the law of cause and effect or, more aptly, the unshakable law of sin and atonement. JESUS made this very clear when He said, for example, in Matth. 26/52:


“For all they that take the sword shall perish by the sword”


or in Matth. 7/2:


“With what measure ye mate it shall be measured to you again”


All this means is that anyone who bases their life on Earth on egocentric principals will sooner or later encounter  negative experiences with his fellow men. And then those who act so selfishly complain about their lot on Earth. Such people in particular tend to be reluctant to reflect on whether they themselves are not contributing to the difficulties and suffering in the world by acting absurdly, against better insight and knowledge.


But since we want to solve our problems and seek harmony, peace and fulfillment of life despite the difficulties which we occasionally meet in the outside world, it is obvious that we first have to strive to grasp the divine guidelines, make them our own and then live accordingly.


Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself


is a basic recipe with which we could work if we wanted to, because with it we would carry love into our surrounding environment. And then sooner or later we will be met by a certain degree of love from those people who previously may have shown us antipathy.


Now there may be many who say this isn’t true, that this has never been verified by their experience. To them one can reply that it just simply isn’t so easy. Look how difficult or almost impossible it is to accomplish things on the material level alone. One cannot build a house from one day to the next, it can take a long time to begin and eventually complete construction. It’s possible that it can take just as long - depending how much we try, which is the deciding factor -  until our love, through the increasingly radiant spiritual power of our thoughts and actions, makes its mark on our surroundings.


But now we come to the big problem: How do I know what the truth is so that I can act correctly? The things contained in the Bible, in the Old and New Testaments, are God-given guidelines which we can adhere to and to which we should repeatedly refer in order to integrate them in our lives and reach our life’s goal. But the daily realization of these guidelines requires endurance and willpower! It is only the merit of our achievements that proves these divine commandments are right for us. Everything in creation is attained through development. Because God is not an old man with a long beard who leaves everything to languish and waste away, He is a dynamic God, a Creator who constantly offers his creatures new forms of help, as we know from the Old Testament. For century after century, various seers and prophets gave guidance and prophetic instruction to the Israeli people as to how to live their lives to proceed despite the difficulty of their material conditions and their own development.


But for Christians the crowning glory of all these messages is the Message of Jesus Christ as it is laid down in the New Testament. Yet it cannot be complete, because Jesus with all certainty taught and preached more than what we find on these few pages. But a person can at any time experience moments that supplement this knowledge through the inspiration in prayer, because the Father is at all times ready to give a soul a gift if it strives to fulfill the commandment


“Love God above all and
your neighbor as yourself”


and tries to perfect its thoughts, its powers of recognition,  and its actions. Because Jesus once said; “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of Truth is come, he will guide you into all truth” (John 16/12-13), and “I am always with you, even unto the end of the world” (Matth. 28/20).


It would be most contradictory if we assumed that the Heavenly Father had ceased speaking, from one day to the next, after His death as Jesus Christ on the Cross of Golgotha. It would be nothing but heinous arrogance to make such a claim, because nowhere in the holy scriptures is anything said to that effect. We know, however, that our Heavenly Father repeatedly awakens true instruments through which He gives mankind guidelines for further moments of realization in a given period of time, which can relate to a nation’s or specific group of people’s current state of development.


But every individual person can also perceive additional insights in their heart through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, only very few people learn to use this marvelous ability of the heart and apply it in their daily lives.


In the case of the people of Israel, immense problems arose in the course of the centuries which could not be solved on the basis of old conceptions. In particular conflicts repeatedly arose with misleading religions which falsified the original religion, so that a prophet or messenger would have to appear to put things straight. So it is obvious that our Heavenly Father is doing the same thing at the present time, as He has done through various instruments over the past millennia. We refer to various revelatory texts through instruments such as Jakob Böhme, Jakob Lorber and Emanuel Swedenborg and many others who unfortunately remain unknown to most people. Which in turn shows how indifferent mankind really is to the things it is constantly being offered out of the Father’s love. That is why complaints that mankind has no orientation and has been abandoned by God are nothing more than a defamation of God, because this is simply not the case.


But recognition of this fact doesn’t come by itself. What’s needed is real daily interest. Because the Kingdom of Heaven must be seized by force, which simply means that it takes a lot of hard work to attain a realization, work against resistance from one’s own soul and the negative aspects that stem from one’s own guilt, which we all have.


And that is why it is important to nip every negative word in the bud, because it is precisely this battle to overcome one’s failings and weaknesses that makes a person increasingly free to recognize heavenly truths, and more and more able to perceive divine inspirations within himself and make the right decisions. The more charitable love serves as the guideline for his actions, the more a person draws God’s divine blessing into his life. Because one of the Lord’s commandments says:


“Judge not that ye be not judged.”


But every soul must examine itself to determine whether what they perceive within themselves stems from immature willfulness or really is the Holy Word of God the Lord.


The way in which such revelatory Words are mediated in turn depends on the instrument’s character, and also on the purpose and goal of the revelation. Jakob Lorber primarily wrote down the Word he heard, others speak it out or do both. Whichever way a revelatory Word is given, a person hearing or reading it can only determine in prayer

whether both in terms of spirit and content it is the Word of God or a falsehood, because it is only rarely or virtually impossible to judge this by the outer form. A person can only decide for himself through the love that he is steadily unfolding within, in which he asks for truth and guidance. If one is open, one will feel the warmth of love that pours forth from the Word providing strength and comfort. But above all one will have experiences that will prove that the Lord Himself is guiding people - especially those who act according to the things they’ve recognized.


So a spiritually aware and open-minded person won’t be surprised that the Lord has revealed the holy New Bible as the continuation of the Old and New Testaments. The first volume of this,




has already been published according to the Lord’s Will. It does not contain any person’s thoughts. The Lord Himself dictated it word for word according to His Holy Will. Naturally the instruments writing it down must be aware of the fact that they must constantly make an effort not to in any way intervene with their own ideas and willpower, but rather to listen word for word to what the Lord Himself is placing in their heart and pass it on in exactly that way in written or spoken form.


It is important that we are ready to recognize that


God the Lord never has and never will end His revelations


It is a widespread error that the closing verses of the Revelation of John set an end to the entire Bible for all time. The warning it contains not to add anything to this prophecy applies, as anyone can determine for themselves, explicitly to this particular book of prophecy, not to the Bible as a whole. The opposite is the case. For it is written in John 16/12-13 that Jesus said:


“I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit, when he, the Spirit of truth is come, he shall guide you into all truth.”


The belief that there would be no more revelations after the life of Jesus Christ is an equally widespread error. There is no passage in the Bible that could prove such a claim. And indeed, how could the Creator of Heaven and Earth Who wants to help mankind out of its problems do so by remaining silent? And who would forbid God the Lord to reveal Himself whenever and wherever He wants?


God’s unfathomable Eternal Wisdom knows no bounds! God would be neither eternal nor infinite if there were any limitations in His Creation. God’s eternal love pours into the infinite universe and flows through this New Bible to all His children on this Earth in an inconceivable abundance of grace, from which every individual should draw that which will ignite him with the most fervent and merciful love, which in turn will lead him into His Heaven, the Kingdom of Eternal Love.


And so it cannot be otherwise than that


The New Bible has been revealed through the direct Word of God


As the continuation of the Old and New Testaments, it completes these to form a Holy Trilogy. The New Bible is the Holy Spirit’s effusion of mercy for mankind, as prophesied in the old Bible, providing a spiritual foundation for the New Era of Love, Truth and Justice.


Just as the NEW TESTAMENT belongs to the OLD TESTAMENT and only together make up the BIBLE known until now, it is God’s Holy Will that the present Bible be completed through this NEW BIBLE for the New Era on Earth, thus forming the Holy Trilogy.




Mankind did not, on the basis of what is written in the Old Testament or the New Testament, succeed in maturing to the point where it could take the direct path to God, even though this was rendered possible by the Lord’s Work of Redemption in Jesus Christ, which opened up the one, true way to God. Had it acquired the necessary maturity, mankind itself would, through its life in God’s eternal love, have written the most living New Bible for time and eternity as testimony to the fact that it was fulfilling God’s eternally holy and perfect will.


Things being as they are, however, God the Lord was forced to intervene in the events on this Earth not only to save mankind from its certain, self-imposed ruin, but at the same time to guide it on the path to the ultimate goal of creation for all of the people on this earth: that they become a perfect image of God.


© Lichtkreis Christi e.V.

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