Thus speaks GOD THE LORD in His Holy New Bible:

"I THE LORD say unto you: Had I not put, now and then, new impulses into some of My earthly children, MY HOLY BEQUEST would no longer be operative in this human race. This danger, which the children of MY ETERNAL LOVE have caused continually through their bad life, so that MY GIFTS OF GRACE cannot but wither up in man whilst he drifts away from his destination, which is to become a PERFECT IMAGE OF MYSELF, this disruption, I say, is the reason why I GOD THE LORD, have to intervene forcefully from time to time into the course of events on this Earth.

Yet before interfering again, as I once did through the Great Flood, in order to stop the darkness from smothering completely MY HOLY BEQUEST in the hearts of My earthly children, I will first allow mankind a merciful RESPITE, thus granting by MY infinite LOVE AND GRACE a last chance to mankind to stop all wrongdoings and so commune with themselves in the depth of their hearts in order to trace and uncover MY HOLY ETERNAL BEQUEST, the gift FROM ME, THE ETERNAL LOVE.

So try to realize that the present time is a forewarning RESPITE! May the proper light dawn upon your hearts, O men, showing you why I THE LORD am giving you this NEW BIBLE as an anchor of salvation from the night and distress of your hearts, wherein lies buried MY DIVINE BEQUEST!

So lead a life of LOVE, I say unto you, for LOVE alone brings the LIGHT into the night of your hearts!

For the night in your hearts is of your own making and has no other cause than your lovelessness in all things. You plod on without the right measure of LOVE, using everything for the sole purpose of satisfying your selfish desires, not thinking in terms of pure, merciful LOVE, sowing through your wanton self-love seed after seed of fiendish tares which spring up in the form of most ghastly features in human beings completely lacking in hearty love from MY HOLY DIVINE BEQUEST.

This NEW BIBLE OF MY MERCY must therefore spread over the whole world to reach all CHILDREN OF MY ETERNAL LOVE of all peoples of mankind, so that MY HOLY BEQUEST in the hearts of men be released inasmuch as this is still possible."

"Thus this NEW BIBLE is of primary importance to you, o men, whatever your race and colour, whatever the people you belong to and the country wherein you live, whatever the creed you confess.

Indeed, this NEW BIBLE is to become your anchor of salvation which I THE CREATOR AND LORD of all life, throw out for you, men of this Earth, as a GIFT OF MY GRACE, MY MERCY, AND MY ETERNAL, INFINITE LOVE."

"Hence the thinking process should not originate in the brain, but in the heart; the correct process instantly and directly links you up with ME, YOUR CREATOR, WHO – as you know – have taken hold of you in the tiny particle of HERITAGE of MY PERFECT SELF for your salvation.

As soon as this true heartfelt-thinking has become pre-eminent in an earthly child, I THE LORD begin more and more to flow into its soul and can guide it to perfection by MY HOLY WILL. Indeed, MY OWN THINKING – THE THINKING OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR – will gradually account for the thought process of pure thinking in the soul's mind; the latter will thus progressively be released from the self-induced snares that had resulted from the previous wrong schemes of thought, the so-called webs of fate will begin to disentangle, personal weaknesses will powerfully be overcome and the way will be opened up that leads straight upward to MY FATHERLY HEART. . . .

For true and correct thinking out of LOVE – out of the HOLY SPIRIT – is as indispensable for the salvation of the fallen world as light is for the thriving of every creature!

Gradual maturing of a human soul can best be achieved if the right key is moved to accede to the most wonderful functional systems which I your GOD AND CREATOR have set up inside you to enable you to think correctly, to communicate with ME inside your heart, and to provide for a continual interplay between heart and brain. As long as the maturing process has not yet started, the soul, withering under a blanket of lukewarmness and sloth, and trammelled in by its superficial daily routine, stays irresponsive to whatever teaching of GOD and from the Heavens"

Lichtkreis Christi e.V.

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